The Trio
Now that we've all seen the first episode, it's "okay" to talk about it. lol I thought they did a great job showing Danny as a possible hero or villain, and I loved the duality of his character - half creepy, half charming. I think Twisted has the potential to be a great series, it's already apparent how Danny's past casts a sort of shadow over all the other main characters in one way or another. There's a little bit of a mean-girls vibe in there as well, but with the redemption factor of Danny's return bringing Lacey & Jo back together as friends. All-in-all, I appreciate having to wonder whether the writers are being very obvious, or very clever - is the truth right in our faces, or is that only what we're supposed to think is really going on?
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Will Twisted "make it" - ie. not get canceled?

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