1-7 "We Need to Talk About Danny" July 23 Jo goes on a date with Tyler (Chris Zylka), Phoebe's brother. He holds a party at the cemetery.

Rico confronts Jo about her obsession with Danny's case.

Kyle's working with another cop, Eddie (Aaron Hill) to find the necklace. Kyle has a tip about its whereabouts. When Karen fails a job interview, Kyle attempts to win her trust.

Lacey and Jo want answers from Danny about his secrets, but they end up revealing one of their own secrets.

A soccer problem leads to consequences for Danny. Lacey defends Danny against Archie's verbal abuse.

1-8 "Doc-Trauma" July 30 Kyle grills Karen about the necklace. Kyle has a surprise for Karen . . .and her lawyer won't be happy. Karen makes a shocking revelation.

Masked pranksters attack Danny.

Danny's throwing a party in hopes of convincing everyone he's a good guy. Tyler agrees to help if he can film the party as a documentary. Rico's not happy to see Jo and Tyler together there.

1-9 "The Truth Will Out" August 6 Rico learns of avideo that could destroy reputations. Rico confesses a secret to Jo. (No, that secret doesn't involve his feelings for her.)

Regina's shocking connection to Danny's family has huge repercussions. Jo and Lacey consider revealing the evidence they've found. Danny realizes it may be time to come clean to Jo and Lacey about his own secret.

Kyle and Eddie investigate Danny's dad's Connecticut apartment.

Danny and Kyle work together to prevent Danny from being taken away from Green Grove. Danny and Kyle discover shocking photos concerning the principal.

Lacey's dad Samuel (Allan Louis) visits from Seattle for Lacey's sister Clara's birthday party. He's secretly gay -- and Jo learns all about it when she discovers Samuel and Clara's swim coach Mitch (Scott Connors) sucking face in the pantry.

1-10 "Poison of Interest" August 13 The mayor's hired Marilyn Rossi (Stacy Haiduk) to investigate the murder.

Jo's not happy when a video is released.

Danny's in trouble -- in more ways than one. One of the problems involves a poisoning. Will he be expelled from school?

Someone loses his job.

1-11 "Out With the In-Crowd" August 20 Summer finale Sarita's not happy with Lacey because Lacey's now involved with Danny. And by "involved", we don't just mean as friends . . . Lacey turns to Danny for help now that she's an outcast at school.

Karen's wiling to do anything for Danny, including blackmail!

Jo's still involved with Tyler. She also has a night out at the movies with her parents. She's still hurt by the video...


Okay these are the spoilers so lets talk about them :)

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