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    So I am a huge Lying Game fan, and was a bit skeptical of just how good of a show Twisted would be.  It is not better than The Lying Game, but it is about as good as TLG.  Let's make a few comparisons!  So Danny is basically a Jordan meets Thayer meets Rebecca.  Jo is basically a Mads meets Emma.  Lacey is basically a Rebecca meets Sutton.  Regina is the Derek in the sense that her being nosey along with a symbol (derek had a tattoo, Regina had a necklace) ulitimately led death and/or are related to the death.  There is a necklace that is important in both shows (Regina's because it looks like one from Danny's family, Rebecca's broken heart she was saving for Emma).  OOOO how these two shows are similiar!!!  The Lying Game is definitely ma…

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