So I thought on doing a blog on what you all think may happen in the summer finale Out With The In-Crowd.

My theory is that they will realize who poisoned Cole and I think it's Archie who done it since he don't like Danny and maybe he wants him off the team so he can win. I also think that everyone will be bugging out with the Dacey kiss that Doug filmed but I think he will try to make sure to take it off as his friend told him to put the video out to everyone. I also think that in this episode the killer will be revealed and I think its Vikram because he seems really connected with Regina and they said they never found the body of Vikram Desai.I also think that Jo will reveal her love for Danny and they might start going out and Rico may get a bit jealous but maybe will move on to someone else and I hope it's Lacey as they were sweet in Poison of Interest as Rico told Lacey about the video straight away and he told Doug to take the video down (even though he may of done it for Jo).

What is your theory?

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