• SmithAndGillan


    February 15, 2014 by SmithAndGillan

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but if you see at the botton, Twisted Wiki has got itself a Spotlight


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  • SmithAndGillan

    Twisted Live Chat

    August 22, 2013 by SmithAndGillan

    Get Excited!

    I guess they will be doing a Twisted Live chat for the fans so send in your questions on Monday.Who Will Join.

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  • SmithAndGillan

    This is the featured Articles for Septemeber and will appear on the side of the pages.These are the categories you must do in the side bar.

    Featured episode:

    Featured character:

    Featured cast member:

    Featured pairing:

    Featured user:

    Fill this out in the comments.

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  • SmithAndGillan

    So I thought on doing a blog on what you all think may happen in the summer finale Out With The In-Crowd.

    My theory is that they will realize who poisoned Cole and I think it's Archie who done it since he don't like Danny and maybe he wants him off the team so he can win. I also think that everyone will be bugging out with the Dacey kiss that Doug filmed but I think he will try to make sure to take it off as his friend told him to put the video out to everyone. I also think that in this episode the killer will be revealed and I think its Vikram because he seems really connected with Regina and they said they never found the body of Vikram Desai.I also think that Jo will reveal her love for Danny and they might start going out and Rico may g…

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  • SmithAndGillan

    Like the title says I will be offline July 28th - 3rd August.This will not be forever as I will be gone for a week. I will miss you all when I will be gone as I will have no WiFi :(

    Since all the admins will be gone during that week, we have decided to use Temporary Administrators till we get back. These are ArianaGrandeForever and Taleb1 so please be nice to them and stuff.

    SO Goodbye


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