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    January 11, 2014 by Kween Katie Matlin

    Maybe Marilyn Rossi and Vikram were having an affair. Then, somehow Regina found out about it. They made her promise not to tell anyone and  kept sending her money to keep her mouth shut. That's why Regina got that stratch from Marilyn Rossi. Regina probably wanted to tell danny about it and she probably made up knowing why he killed his Aunt to get him to come to her house so she could tell him. When Vikram and Marilyn found out she was going to tell him, they killed her!!! Then Marilyn Rossi took Regina's necklace and put it in dannys locker so no one would suspect she did it. And since everyone thought Vik was dead he wouldn't be suspected either! I'm still unsure as to how Regina got that necklace and how Danny's fingerprints were on t…

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