• Cuirthir723

    Hi, just joined the wiki community :)  I wanted to share some thoughts I had about a couple of the relationships on the show and maybe get some input from the community here.  I'm loving the show so far and I've noticed the fandom's been growing by leaps and bounds since the pilot, which is great to see!

    First, I was wondering what people's thoughts are on Jo/Tyler, especially with the way things went in the mid-season finale. First, a bit of a confession - I love Jo, Janny, and Jico but I'm really not liking the Jo/Tyler thing.  Does he seem kind of...creepy... to anyone else?  I guess I'm still not over that sadistic prank he pulled on Danny.  And just his whole vibe with the masks and the videos, and his aspirations to be the next Michaeā€¦

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