Lately, ever since Tess (Jo's mom) said that she used to date Vikram in high school, a lot of Dacey shippers assume that Jo and Danny are half siblings.

Whoever thinks they are half siblings, why do you think so? Is it because Danny said that Jo is 'like his sister'?

Or is it just because Tessa and Vikram used to date in high school?

There's nothing wrong with making theories, that's why they call it #TwistedTheory, but a lot of Dacey shippers firmly believe that Danny and Jo are half siblings. Why?

  1. Jo and Danny look nothing alike. I'm sure if they really were half siblings they would have some resemblance, but they look nothing alike. If people thought Danny and Lacey were half siblings, I could more understand, because they look somewhat alike. (skin, hair, eyes) But Danny and Jo? Nothing at all.
  2. I'm pretty sure Kyle Masterson is Jo's real dad.
  3. If they were half siblings, I'm sure Tess would've told Jo, or at least hinted it. Jo told her about her crush on Danny. Tess wouldn't have encouraged it if they were half-siblings, 'cause that would be incest.

So, um, yeah! Comment below to tell me why (if you think so) do you think they are half-siblings! And if you don't think so, still, comment!

Bye, bye. :)

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