The poll on the front page gave me an idea for this new Blog.

Aside from the whole Janny and Dacey debates going on now, I really want to know who killed Regina, and I don't think it's Danny.

I know he didn't.

I think Archie did it, Sarita did it, or it could probably be Rico.

I Don't Think Vickram Killed Regina: I highly doubt Vickram did it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. If he did,  that means that Danny would be crushed. And from the flashback, it looked like Danny was close to his father. If his father is alive that means that he knows that Danny is the number one suspect for Regina's murder. I don't think Vickram would kill Regina, knowing that his son will be accused for something that he didn't do. I'm sure Vickram loved Danny, so I doubt he killed Regina.

Sarita: Sarita could've probably done it. When Lacey attempts to talk about Regina, Sarita will quickly change the subject. But other than that, I don't really know why Sarita would want to kill Regina.

Archie: Archie lied about where he was the night when Regina was killed. He was really borrowing Scott's car. I don't really have a theory as to why he had Scott's car in the first place. Some how, he could've been at Regina's house the night when she was killed. He probably killed her for whatever reason, then he could've sent the text to Danny in an attept to lure Danny to Regina's house and frame him for the murder.

Rico:  I don't think Rico has a reason for him to be a suspect to in Regina's murder, but always expect the unexpected. The show is called Twisted for a reason. Lol


What do you guys think?

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