Hi Twisted fans!

I ship Janny. (JoxDanny)

The reason I made this blog, is to talk about what you like about your ship and what you DON'T like about the other ship in a civilized manner.

  • No bashing either ship.
  • Don't insult people.

I'll start:

I ship Janny. I used to ship Dacey like in the first two episodes of Twisted. I stopped shipping Dacey because of Lacey's character. She was constantly being mean to Danny and Jo, and she cared more about her image and what people thought of her. She never wanted to be seen in public with Danny, because she just cared about her image. Whenever Sarita, Scott, or Archie tormented or insulted Danny, Lacey had not once tried to stop them, or stick up for Danny. She just stood there saying nothing. But still, Danny has faith in Lacey, believing that she'll come around. Jo had been with Danny from day one. She wanted to help Danny clear his name. She is always trying to help Danny. She even stood up for him in front of the school, embarassing herself! Jo quickly accepted Danny. Yeah, Lacey's best friend was murdered, and not everybody is accepting so easily, but  at least try to talk to him! In the most latest episode at the Fall Fest, Jo was not afraid to look like a fool with Danny, doing their silly dance from when they were younger. When Lacey needed to talk to Danny, she pulled him away from the crowd. She did not want to be seen with him. And the kiss....ehh.....that kiss, uh, yeah. No comment.

On the sneak peek for the next episode, Three for the Road',' a lot of Dacey shippers are getting upset and calling Jo a bitch, brat, rude, and all these other names because she was making sarcastic remarks at Lacey. Um.....Jo has a point. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Lacey, but Jo had a right to be mad. It's like all of a sudden, she wants Danny and Jo on her side. I understand that, but it's like Lacey's using them. It's like all Danny and Jo are to her are her personal 'mystery solving buddies'. Seriously, Lacey? It's like she doesn't even consider them as her friends! I ship Janny because Jo is willing to go to the extreme to help Danny. She doesn't care about her image or what people think of her. In The Fest and the Furious', Chief Masterson told Jo that she could stay at the Fall Fest but Danny couldn't. Jo threatned that if Danny leaves, she leaves. Jo is loyal to Danny, and she cares about him.

Btw, all of you Dacey shippers are freaking estatic that Danny and Lacey kissed. And that cool and all, but remember that Lacey still has a boyfriend, LOL.

Soo...yeah, I would love to hear your comments!

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