Okay, I have just watched last night's episode......Whoa...

I really don't know why some people didn't like last night's episode, it was great! :)

One thing that really upsets me is about how people are getting mad about Jo's statement in the hearing. Seriously??????!!!!!!! That's what people are focusing on? Are you freaking kidding? Of all the bad things that happened to Jo, Danny, and Lacey, you chosse to hate on Jo for her statement in court?! SMDH.

I mean, Jo could've said more to Danny's defense, but so could've everyone else. The point is, Jo stood up for him, whether she confessed her crush or not.

There are more reasons to be upset, such as:

1. Danny is expelled!!

2. The video is out, and Danny and Lacey are going to be in deep sh*t.

3. I have a feeling that the new investigator (Marilyn Rossi) who is working with Chief Masterson isn't going to be on Danny's side.

4. Cole kind of backstabbed Danny in this episode

5. Jo really likes Danny. She told Lacey about it and she even told her that she won't do anything about it because she cares about her. She even gave her a hug. Jo was willing to put the past behind them. I don't know why some Dacey shippers have a problem with Jo in this episode, when Jo said told Lacey that she won't keep secrets from Lacey. Jo has proven that she thinks of Lacey as a friend.

Also, in last week's episode The Truth Will Out, Jo told Lacey right away when she saw her father kissing Mitch. Mr. Porter made Jo promise not to say anything, but Jo thought that it was something Lacey should know, so she told Lacey. Jo obviously knew she would feel bad if she didn't tell Lacey about what she saw. So for all of you people who still think Jo is a bitch, hold a seat,  ---> _/

It's obvious that Lacey felt really guilty when Jo said all of that to her, since she didn't tell Jo when her and Danny were going out. When Jo hugged Lacey, Lacey's face looked very guilty. I honestly felt bad for Lacey, but she had it coming. I also loved Rico in this episode, he tried all that he could to keep the video from getting out. Props to you Rico <3 And I also loved how Lacey threatned Doug, it was really badass of her, (in a good way). But it sucks, because in the end, the girl Louise, or Eloise, or whatever her name is, sent the video to everyone. It was obvious because you could see her smiling like a creep at the end.

I also feel for Jo. When she recieved the video of Danny and Lacey, she looked really sad and hurt, like she was going to cry. She probably felt stupid for telling Lacey about how she feels for Danny. I know exactly how Jo feels,  because I'm in a similar situation myself.

Between Lacey finding out that her father is a homosexual in the last episode, and now Jo feeling betrayed, they both have been hurt. So at this point in the series, you can't really call Jo or Lacey a bitch, because they have both been through their share of hurt this season. I am even starting to like Lacey more as a character.

So share your thoughts about this episode in the comments :)

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