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    Everyone, please read this :

    I was just on fanfiction and I saw this ^^ This targets basically all of us on this wikia. If you write fanfictions, make fanart, ect. If this bill is passed, you can be arrested for it.

    Please spread the word!

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    Okay, I have just watched last night's episode......Whoa...

    I really don't know why some people didn't like last night's episode, it was great! :)

    One thing that really upsets me is about how people are getting mad about Jo's statement in the hearing. Seriously??????!!!!!!! That's what people are focusing on? Are you freaking kidding? Of all the bad things that happened to Jo, Danny, and Lacey, you chosse to hate on Jo for her statement in court?! SMDH.

    I mean, Jo could've said more to Danny's defense, but so could've everyone else. The point is, Jo stood up for him, whether she confessed her crush or not.

    There are more reasons to be upset, such as:

    1. Danny is expelled!!

    2. The video is out, and Danny and Lacey are going to be in deep sh*t.

    3. I have…

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    Lately, ever since Tess (Jo's mom) said that she used to date Vikram in high school, a lot of Dacey shippers assume that Jo and Danny are half siblings.

    Whoever thinks they are half siblings, why do you think so? Is it because Danny said that Jo is 'like his sister'?

    Or is it just because Tessa and Vikram used to date in high school?

    There's nothing wrong with making theories, that's why they call it #TwistedTheory, but a lot of Dacey shippers firmly believe that Danny and Jo are half siblings. Why?

    1. Jo and Danny look nothing alike. I'm sure if they really were half siblings they would have some resemblance, but they look nothing alike. If people thought Danny and Lacey were half siblings, I could more understand, because they look somewhat alike. …
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    The poll on the front page gave me an idea for this new Blog.

    Aside from the whole Janny and Dacey debates going on now, I really want to know who killed Regina, and I don't think it's Danny.

    I know he didn't.

    I think Archie did it, Sarita did it, or it could probably be Rico.

    I Don't Think Vickram Killed Regina: I highly doubt Vickram did it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. If he did,  that means that Danny would be crushed. And from the flashback, it looked like Danny was close to his father. If his father is alive that means that he knows that Danny is the number one suspect for Regina's murder. I don't think Vickram would kill Regina, knowing that his son will be accused for something that he didn't do. I'm sure Vickram loved Danny, so I doubt…

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    Hi Twisted fans!

    I ship Janny. (JoxDanny)

    The reason I made this blog, is to talk about what you like about your ship and what you DON'T like about the other ship in a civilized manner.

    • No bashing either ship.
    • Don't insult people.

    I'll start:

    I ship Janny. I used to ship Dacey like in the first two episodes of Twisted. I stopped shipping Dacey because of Lacey's character. She was constantly being mean to Danny and Jo, and she cared more about her image and what people thought of her. She never wanted to be seen in public with Danny, because she just cared about her image. Whenever Sarita, Scott, or Archie tormented or insulted Danny, Lacey had not once tried to stop them, or stick up for Danny. She just stood there saying nothing. But still, Da…

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