• Cayaforever

    Finale Predictions

    August 22, 2013 by Cayaforever

    In the finale Jo is going to do something that she may regret that will change her as a women. From the promos where she is seen kissing Tyler, I think she is going to do something she will regret with Tyler. In the promo it also looks like she goes to Ricos house and it looks like they kissed. Also Rico will make a conffesion as well as Jo. Danny will be at his lowest point. Everything will be left open ended. I think Lacey is going to decide to choose her friends over Danny and Danny is going ot try to mend things over with Jo but after knowing Danny was with Lacey and having that kept from her, I dont know if Jo will forgive him, especially after she makes this dramatic decision. Those are my thoughts and predictions.

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