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  • Cabbie0420

    I don't understand this random wave of hate towards Lacey. People are saying that Lacey's a bitch and that Lacey doesn't deserve Danny. Lacey is an angel compared to Sarita. Sarita's a bitch, that's her character. Sarita embarrassed Jo in front of the entire school for no reason, yet Lacey is getting more hate for not talking to Danny. Regina (Lacey's best friend) was just murdered, and Danny is a possible killer. Lacey is beautiful and to the people that think otherwise... go drown ♥

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  • Cabbie0420

    Even More Dacey ♥

    June 27, 2013 by Cabbie0420

    Yesterday's episode was nice. I liked how Danny and Archie are slowly turning into friends. I loved how Danny was trying to get close to Lacey agian even though he wasn't succesful. He even tryed to kiss her.......For the 2nd time! 

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  • Cabbie0420

    Dacey ♥

    June 16, 2013 by Cabbie0420

    Ok ..... I cant believe that people are already shipping this early in the show. But that doesn't mean that I'm against it. i love Danny and Lacey's relationship. At first I wasn't very fond of Dacey until I saw the bedroom scene. It was heart racing because Lacey is popular and Danny is a "socio" (and Lacey is dating Archie). They are cute and i love them to bits.

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