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  • AnyoneAroundHerDies

    We need a second season of Twisted! Twisted should go on for sure! I totally hope ABC Family decides to renew it! :)

    good news! there might be a second season of Twisted as there are all thesepositive comments about it!

    Should Twisted be cancelled? What do u think?

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  • AnyoneAroundHerDies

    Hi Admins and Users.

    Effective immediately, I and DeeMoShow have put new block policies into action. Twisted Wiki:Blocks

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions for these new policies, please let I or DeeMoShow know on our message walls or here in the comments.

    Thank you.

    XOXO Serena

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  • AnyoneAroundHerDies

    Colored names

    November 2, 2013 by AnyoneAroundHerDies

    This is a message for admins only. name is Serena, in case u didn't already know :P

    I have talked to Clary about this idea and I have tested it on my own account and it works! :)

    I would like to offer all admins Custom Colored User Names for Admins! :)

    For example whenever I edit anything or on Wiki activity or ANYWHERE my username comes up in Hot pink because I made it that way.

    Please tell me what color you want your name to be and I'll make it possible Asap!

    Thank u for reading!

    XOXO Serena

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