Danny and Lacey almost kiss in "Pilot".

I'm writing a page about/for Danny.

Some people think that Jo and Danny would be a great couple, but i want Dacey, i mean they almost kiss,



I mean i cant let that slide. So i'm Team Dacey. I know people think that Lacey should just go away but, i think know that Lacey's better than that. I care about Lacey and Danny's relationship. Mostly Jo and Danny because i fear that they might kiss one day and i'll be devasted.

When the promo of the 5th episode when Lacey and Danny was about to kiss. i screamed through the top of my lungs. i could barely sleep. i stayed up for hours waiting for the promo and the sneak peek for the episode. And i realized that i waited for nothing. That first sneak peek sucked because all it was was a Lacey and Jo arguing in front of Danny and being rude to Danny and it really hurt me and Danny and i know that she didnt mean that. She'll apoligized later, i hope. But when i saw the photos and the promo, i realized that things will go well tommorrow and i cant wait, I'll tell you more when i see the show. i cant wait. Bye.

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