Maddie and Avan
Maddie and avan
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Shipped Cast: Maddie and Avan
Status: Friends
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Maddie and Avan is the real life friendship pairing of Maddie Hasson and Avan Jogia on Twisted


  • Mavan


  • Avan mentioned Maddie in a tweet about acting in Twisted.[1]
  • Maddie tweeted a picture of Avan.[2]
  • Maddie hung out with Avan on June 20, 2013.[3]
  • Maddie tweeted:"In bed with @ATJogia and @joelazarov on the set of #Twisted"[4]
  • At the Teen Choice Awards they were nomiated, but both didn't win.
  • Maddie posted on her instagram:"If you leave LA again I will cut you @jogia"
  • At Maddie's livestream she says she has a crush on Avan, and also mention "Who doesn't?" [5]


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