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General Information
Shipped Characters: Kyle Masterson and Tess Masterson
Status: Married
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Kyle and Tess are a happily married couple who are the parents to daughter Jo, a high school student. Kyle is the town's sheriff and Tess is a pottery maker who teaches pottery lessons. They used to be friends with Samuel and Judy Porter and Karen Desai. Tess is now starting to accept Karen and the women have recently renewed their friendship, but Kyle is trying to get Karen to reveal some secrets by sweet talking and possibly blackmailing Karen. Originally, Jo is told to not hang out with Danny, though against her parents wishes, she still hangs out with Danny and does risky things to help prove his innocence. 


Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • They both went to Danny's dinner party.

The Fest And The FuriousEdit

  • They both go to the festival.
  • They both found it ok when Jo was dancing with Danny.
  • Kyle was worried when Danny was in Tess's pottery class.

Three For The RoadEdit

  • They both wondered where Jo was.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Kyle and Tess end up making love in the basement of their house.