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General Information
Shipped Characters: Kyle Masterson and Danny Desai
Status: Friends' Father/Daughter's Friend
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 The rivalry/friendship pairing between Kyle Masterson and Danny Desai.



  • Kyle wanted Danny from assembly.

Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • Danny held a dinner event and Kyle came with

The Fest And The FuriousEdit

  • When someone went to attack Danny, Kyle stepped right in.
  • Danny thanked Kyle for stepping in.
  • Kyle said it was ok.

Three For The RoadEdit

  • When Kyle found out Jo was with Danny, he was shocked.


  • Kyle (incorrectly) believes Danny is guilty in the murder of Regina Crane.
  • Danny caught Kyle snooping in his bedroom.
  • After the episode, "The Truth Will Out", Kyle begins to take it easier on Danny after learning a suspect in Regina's murder case is his father, Vikram, although he is still aimed to figure out the case.



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