Judy Porter
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Green Grove
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: Robin Givens
First appearance: "Sleeping with the Frenemy"
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Judy Porter is a character on Twisted. Lacey's hip, outgoing single mother.

Judy belongs to the same social circle as Gloria. Judy hopes to revive Lacey's rocky relationship with her former best friend from childhood Jo. 

She is portrayed by Robin Givens. [1]


Season OneEdit

When Lacey and Jo have a somewhat awkward meeting in "Sleeping with the Frenemy", Judy comes out of the bakey with cupcakes and invites Jo over to Lacey's for the sleepover she would be having with Phoebe and Sarita. Despite resistance on Jo and Lacey's end, Jo finally caves and agrees. The following morning, Judy reports their somewhat rekindled friendship happily to Tess and Karen. 

Judy's next appearance is in the episode "The Truth Will Out". The beginning of the episode is very tense for Lacey, as she has to witness her parents bickering. It appears that Sam and Judy bicker constantly, though it is never stated as to why they do not get along. 

Physical AppearanceEdit



  • According to one of the promo clips for Sleeping with the Frenemy her last name is no longer Porter. She changed it back to her maiden name once her divorce was finalized.