John DeLuca
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 25th, 1986 (Age 27)
Show Information
Portrays: Cole Farrell
Status: Season 1A
First appearance: "Sleeping with the Frenemy"
Latest appearance: "Out With The In-Crowd"
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John DeLuca is an American Actor. He portrays Cole Farrell



  • Portrayed Jeff in We Made This Movie
  • Portrayed Coling Hemingway in Hemingway
  • Portrayed Butchy in Teen Beach Movie
  • It Remains
  • Portrayed Anthony in Staten Island Summer


  • Portrayed Lead Signer in 30 Rock
  • Portrayed Kevin in Ugly Betty
  • Portrayed Bucky Buchanan in Zombies and Cheerleaders
  • Portrays Brent in Lights Out
  • Portrays Tommy in Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Portrays Guy in The Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Portrays Timmy Finkleberg/Mc D in Jessie
  • Portrays Cole Farrell in Twisted

Discography Edit

  • Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack


  • Graduated from Fordham University in 2008 with a Theatre Major.[1]


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