Jack Falahee
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Malemale
Birthplace: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Show Information
Portrays: Charlie McBride
Status: Cast Member
First appearance: "Dead Men Tell Big Tales"
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Jack Falahee is an American actor. He portrays the character of Charlie McBride on the ABC Family drama series, Twisted.


  • Portrayed Henri in Lily & Kat.
  • Portrayed Jimmy on Untitile Ari Gold Poject.
  • Portrayed  Danny Stabler on Blood and Cirumstance.
  • Portrayed  Charlie McBride in Twisted .
  • Was in Tokarev.
  • Portrayed Michael Vardi in Blowtorch.
  • Portrayed  Scoot Dolan in Ironside.
  • Portrayed  Ryder in Escape from Polygamy.
  • Portrayed Gavin in Hunter.
  • Portrayed  Colin in The Carrie Diaries.
  • Portrayed Elliot as Campus Life.
  • Portrayed  Kevin in Sunburn.
  • Portrayed  Clenched Student in Submission Only. 
  • Potrayed Connor in How To Get Away With Murder 


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